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22 nov
19:00 hours


Dialogue between Joan Clos, former Executive Director of UN-Habitat and Miguel Anxo Fernández Lores, mayor of Pontevedra, on the influence of the urban space on social welfare. Talk moderated by the journalist Elisa Beni.


Joan Clos

Under Secretary General of the UN and Executive Director of UN-Habitat (2010 - 2017), the United Nations program responsible for the promotion of sustainable, resilient and prosperous cities. In that time, he led the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda and was appointed Secretary General of the Habitat III Conference.

Mayor of Barcelona between 1997 and 2006, during his tenure he received the gold medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects for transforming the city, and the UN-Habitat Honour Award for encouraging global cooperation between local authorities and the United Nations.

He was the president of Metropolis, the international network of cities, the World Association of cities and Local Authorities and the United Nations Advisory Committee for Local Authorities. He was also a member of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

Prior to joining the United Nations, he served as Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism between 2006 and 2008, and as the Spanish Ambassador in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

In 2016 he received the medal "Jane Jacobs" by the Rockefeller Foundation in recognition of the leadership of the New Urban Agenda.


Miguel Anxo Fernandez Lores

Degree in Medicine from the University of Santiago de Compostela, he worked as a doctor mainly at Virxe Peregrina Health Centre in Pontevedra after practicing in Mosteiro and Samos (Lugo), where he debuted as a BNG councillor. In 1987, he was elected as the sole representative of the BNG in Pontevedra, ascending in number of supports until in 1999 he was proclaimed mayor of the city, a position in which he remains today. Under his mandate, the capital obtained numerous awards for its urban model, among which are: INTERMODES 2013 for its exemplary policy of intermodal mobility, LEATHERSHIP IN ACTIVE DESIGN by the Centre for Active Design of New York as pioneer city with an urban-centred design that promotes healthy lifestyle habits or the UN HABITAT for the Best Practices to Improve Living Conditions.

>>>ELISA BENI - Moderator of the meeting

Elisa Beni

Journalist, Degree in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra. With 23 years she was the director of El diario de Ceuta, the youngest that a state newspaper has never had, station director at SER Radio Channel, chief editor at Diario 16 and deputy director at the magazine Época. Within the institutional field he served as communication director at the High Court of Justice of Madrid.

She is a specialist in legal information.

She is currently a regular contributor to Julia Otero’s program on Onda Cero, “Julia en la Onda”, on La Sexta she collaborates with "Más Vale Tarde" and "La Sexta Noche", on Antena 3 with "Espejo Público", on Telemadrid with "Buenos Días, Madrid", on TV3 with "Tot es Mou", as well as on ETB. As a columnist, she writes in and

She is the author of the novels Peaje de libertad [Freedom toll] and Mi corazón [My heart], manuals Manual de periodismo judicial [Judicial journalism manual] and Comunicación jurídica [Legal communication], nonfiction book Soledad del juzgador [Loleliness of the judge] and the paper La Justicia Sometida [Justice subdued].