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29 nov
19:00 hours


Dialogue between Lidia Blanco, specialist in cultural management in Latin America, Vicente Granados, Director of the Strategic Plan of Málaga, Telmo Faria, former Mayor of Óbidos and director of the Folio Literary Festival and Lola Dopico, Director of Studies in Textile and Fashion Design at University of Vigo, on the power of culture to make more prosperous and sustainable cities by promoting an educated, critical and conscious citizenship. Talk moderated by the journalist Ramón Rozas.



Degree in Semitic Philology from the University of Granada, PhD in Literary Theory from the University of Valladolid and a master’s degree in Journalism and Communication of Science from Carlos III University in Madrid. She was a professor at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Baghdad (Iraq) and a linguistic expert in Brasilia (Brazil). Specialist in international cooperation and cultural management in Latin America. She was part of the team that created Casa de América and was the cultural coordinator of that institution until 2000. She was linked to the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and she directed the Cultural Centres of Spain in San José (Costa Rica), Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Training Centre of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) and she was the General Coordinator of Development Cooperation for Venezuela and CARICOM in Caracas. At present, as an independent expert, she works on different initiatives with institutions such as the Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía or with Madrid City Council, among others.

Among the projects she has done include:

Cruce de Soledades. Soledades urbanas y malestares contemporáneos. [Crossing of solitudes. Urban solitudes and contemporary discomforts]

Simbiogénesis. Nuevas formas de entender la gestión cultural. [Simbiogenesis. New ways of understanding cultural management]

La investigación científica entre la ética y el poder. [Scientific research between ethics and power]

Insubordinadas: Encuentro árabe-iberoamericano de cineastas. [Infubordinates: Arab-Ibero-American meeting of filmakers]

Pre-textos para reflexionar sobre racismo desde una perspectiva afrodescendiente. [Pre-text to reflect on racism from an Afro-descendant perspective]

ODS: ¡Riqueza extrema! ¿Un reto para qué desarrollo? [ODS: Extreme wealth! A challenge for what development?

Un lugar bajo el sol. Espacios para las prácticas creativas. [A place under the sun. Spaces for creative practices]

NETART.IB. Arte en la red desde Iberoamérica. [NETART.IB. Ar ton the web from Ibero-America]

Muntadas/Bs.As. Atención: la percepción requiere participación. [Muntadas/ Bs.As. Attention: perception requires participation]



Degree in Political, Economic and Commercial Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Master of Arts Urban and Regional Studies from the London School of Economics. PhD in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Birmingham and PhD in Economics from the University of Málaga, institution of which he was vice-rector and is currently a professor.

He was the Secretary-General of Regional Development Planning and Urban Planning of the Andalusian Government, President of the Territorial Observatory and Secretary-General for Tourism of this community.

In 1995 he received the Andalusian Research Prize being Director of the Strategic Plan of Málaga. He was also an adviser-consultant in the World Tourism Organization until 2003 in the fields of Environmental and Cultural Tourism.



Professor of History and Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary History of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Member of the Advisory Council of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Coimbra.

Mayor of Óbidos (Portugal) between 2002 and 2013, he served as coordinator of the European Network Creative Clusters in Low Density territories and as a member of the European Network Creative Spin, as well as elected representative of the 100 municipalities of the Central Region of Portugal for the group of elaboration the smart specialization strategy.

Member of the Tourism Marketing Council of the Centre of Portugal, he has coordinated and authored the strategic program of Creative and Innovative Cities Network

He is Founder of Carbon 21, Lda-Sustainable and Creative Tourism and Strategic Consulting, and the owner of the following brands: Rio do Prado, The Maker Man, The Literary Man Óbidos Hotel and The History Man.

President of Vila Literaria Society, a Cultural Association which co-organizes the International Literary Festival of Óbidos, FOLIO.



Doctor of Arts and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra in the areas of design and technology. He is currently director of ESDEMGA, Studies on Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Vigo and since 2017 she is also responsible for the implementation and coordination the Master's Degree in Design and Creative Fashion Management in the same university.

In the field of research, she leads, since 2005, Tracker Visual Laboratory Group, being a principal investigator in several projects focused on design such as: Intersecciones de las formas productivas artesanales con la cultura digital como vía para el diseño contemporáneo [Intersections of artisanal production forms with digital culture as a way for contemporary design], Estudio de la persistencia de las formas tradicionales y de los procesos artesanales en el diseño contemporáneo e El diálogo entre Moda y arquitectura como espacio significante de creación [Study of the persistence of traditional forms and artisan processes in contemporary design and The dialogue between fashion and architecture as a significant space for creation].

Among her latest publications are those related to the study of fashion design: Distinguirse? Algunas notas sobre actualidad y diseño de moda en Galicia [Distinguish? Some notes on current affairs and fashion design in Galicia], Con-Fío en Galicia, Designers em diálogo com a tradição: Inovação e identidade cultural [Designers in dialogue with tradition: Innovation and cultural identity], Pesquisas em design [Design research], Gestão e tecnologia de Têxtil e Moda [Textile and Fashion Management and Technology], Hacer, diseñar, pensar [Do, design, think]. She is also the author of: Piezas, experimentos y caminos del diseño [Pieces, experiments and design paths], El diálogo creador [The creative dialogue]. Diseño y tradición cultural [Design and cultural tradition], La cultura del proyecto y el saber hacer [Project culture and know-how], Un paso más allá del diálogo [Un paso más allá del diálogo], El retorno al origen. La innovación en el diseño y la artesanía [The return to the origin. Innovation in design and craftsmanship], A Terra na Orixe [The Earth in Origin] and Habitaciones y hábitos: Reflexiones sobre la moda y la arquitectura [Rooms and habits: Reflections on fashion and architecture].

She has been the director of DEBUT Since 2007, a meeting point of exhibition and creation that is held in Pontevedra, being one of the most important annual events in the calendar of events in this sector. In addition, she has curated numerous exhibitions in the field of design and fashion.

>>>RAMÓN ROZAS - Moderator of the meeting


Degree in History of Art from the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is responsible for the Department of Archive and Documentation of Diario de Pontevedra, as well as being in charge of the areas of artistic, cinematographic and literary criticism, with the realization of different exhibits and cultural projects in several Galician institutions.

His texts are part of editorial initiatives such as the cultural supplement Táboa Redonda (Diario de Pontevedra / El Progreso de Lugo) and the digital supplement Los diablos azules (Infolibre), all his texts are collected on the blog "".