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13 dec
20:00 hours


Dialogue between Blanca Valdivia and Marta Fonseca from the cooperative of feminist architects, sociologists and urban planners Point 6, Oihane Ruiz, architect specializing in Urbanism and Feminist Theory and Carme da Silva, Deputy Mayor of Pontevedra, on the public space from a feminist perspective to plan and make friendlier and safer cities for women. Talk moderated by the journalist Susana Pedreira.

>>>BLANCA VALDIVIA and MARTA FONSECA (Col·lectiu Punt 6)


Blanca Valdivia (urban sociologist) and Marta Fonseca (architect) belong to the Col·lectiu Punt 6 [Collective Point 6], a cooperative of feminist architects, sociologists and urban planners with more than twelve years of experience in rethinking domestic, community and public spaces in order to promote social diversity without discrimination.

Point 6 focuses its work on community participation, urbanism for everyday life and architecture of proximity. In addition, they carry out research, teaching and training both, for the public administration, and for nonprofit organizations and associations.

The group published the following guides: Mujeres trabajando. Guía de reconocimiento urbano con perspectiva de género [Women working. Urban recognition guide with a gender perspective], Espacios para la vida cotidiana [Spaces for everyday life]. Auditoría de Calidad Urbana con perspectiva de Género e Entornos habitables [Urban Quality Audit with perspective of Gender and Habitable Environments]. Auditoria de seguridad urbana con perspectiva de género en la vivienda y el entorno [Urban security audit with a gender perspective in housing and the environment].



Degree in Architecture from the University of the Basque Country. She has received training in urban planning from the Basque Institute of Public Administration (IVAP) and in Feminist Theory from the Basauri Empowerment School.

Founder of Hiria Kolektiboa, a collective of architects where she worked on urban planning, participation and gender perspective and Pripublikarrak, where she developed projects in the field of feminist art/ activism. She has been a member of the SF38 architecture studio since 2009, she is responsible for the project and the construction of Plaza de Corazón de María de Bilbao.

Founder of Dunak Estudio, where they work on urban planning, municipal advice and urban and territorial analysis in terms of life sustainability.

Promoter of the Paseo de Jane Jacobs in Bilbao, since 2016 she works in Madrid as an urban planner at Madrid Destino, a municipal company dependent on the area of ​​culture, a project to revive the fairgrounds of the Casa de Campo.

In 2018, he is the founding partner of Silvestrina, a cooperative that works on collaborative projects for research in science and urbanities under these premises: matter, care and community.



Degree in Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She has been a councillor in Pontevedra since 1995, forming part of the municipal government since 1999 (except in the period 2005-2011), where she has developed different responsibilities in the areas of Environment, Accessibility and Urban Planning. She is currently deputy mayor and she is in charge of the Urban Planning and Environmental Discipline, Citizen Protection, Services and Celebrations.

She was a deputy in the Galician Parliament in the VII Legislature (2005-2009), and in the VIII Legislature from 2012 onwards she was the spokeswoman of BNG in matters of Spatial Planning, Housing, Urban Planning, Environment and Public Works.

Co-author of the book Pontevedra, outra mobilidade, outra cidade. A experiencia de trasnformación 1999-2015 [Pontevedra, another mobility, another city. The 1999-2015 transformation experience], published by Pons Foundation, in 2015.

>>>SUSANA PEDREIRA - Moderator of the meeting


Degree in Journalism from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She started working on business and institutional communication until 2010 when she joined the editorial staff of Onda Cero in Galicia.

She has been directing and presenting the daily local program "Pontevedra na Onda" for eight years. In 2015 she assumes the coordination of the program "Gente Viajera de Galicia", a weekly magazine focused on tourism, leisure, culture and gastronomy. Since 2016, she has been part of the state program of Onda Cero “Un alto en el camino” [“A stop on the way"], four hours live in the mornings of the weekends that is broadcasted every summer from Pontevedra to the State.

He is co-founder of the congress As mulleres que opinan son perigosas [Women who give their opinion are dangerous] held in March 2018, making Pontevedra the capital of opinion journalism with women's signature during two days. The forum achieved to be a trending topic in the state networks.