Possible cities

As cidades posibles
20 dec
19:00 hours


Conference by Joan Busquets, Urban Planning Architect, Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University (USA) followed by a dialogue with Anabel Gulías, political scientist and town councillor for Urban Planning, Historic Centre and City Promotion in Pontevedra.



Urban Planning Architect, Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University of North America. Until 2002, he was a professor at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​Director of Town Planning at the City Council of Barcelona in the preparations for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Since the 90s he has developed urban projects in several European cities such as The Hague, Delft, Geneva, Rotterdam, Toulouse, Toledo and Lisbon among many others, and outside Europe such as Montreal, Singapore, Shanghai, Ningbo and Sao Paulo.

Among his latest publications are: Cities X Lines: A New Lens for the Urbanistic Project (2007), Catalunya continental: rail infrastructure as the backbone for development (2008), Cerdà and the Barcelona of the future (2009), Maastricht – Urban Surplus (2009), Shenzhen (2010), Spoorzone Delft-Railway Zone Public Space Design (2011), Joan Busquets -City in layers - Erasmus prize 2011 (2011), Niewe centrum, Nesselande, Roterdam (2011), Dunkerque projet de réaménagent du centre-ville (2012), Innovative Boulevards in Lisbon (2013), World Architecture Magazine n º 272 WA: Joan Busquets+BAU/BLAU (2013), Barcelona: the Urban Evolution of a Compact City (2014), Toulouse - Identité et partage du centre-ville (2014), Redesigning Gridded Cities - 4 Volume Set: Hangzhou Underlays, Manhattan Framework, Chicago Boundless and Barcelona Collage (2017), Savannah: Rethinking the multi-scalar capacity of the city project (2018) e Chongquing: Searching for regularity as a transformative model in the design of the contemporary city (2018).

He was awarded the world-renowned Erasmus Prize in 2011 and with other recognitions such as the Premio Cultural de Arquitectura de Cataluña [Cultural Prize of Architecture of Catalonia] or the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme [Great Prize of Urban Planning] in France in 2012.



Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Santiago de Compostela, she completes her studies with the postgraduate degree in Local and Regional Development, and with doctoral courses in Contemporary Political Processes at the same university.

At the professional level, she has developed her career in several fields: as a teacher of local and rural development courses at the Foundation for Job Orientation of Galicia and as a manager of European Development Funds in different public and private entities. Before joining the local government of Pontevedra, she worked as a manager of both, the weekly newspaper and digital newspaper Sermos Galiza.

In 2015 she entered as city councillor in Pontevedra, assuming the competitions of City Promotion (economic promotion and tourism), Urban planning, Historical Centre, tertiary uses of public spaces and Mercado, besides the vice-government spokeswoman, positions that she carries out at present.